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Industrie GmbH
Industriezeile 42
INVOICE DATE 5/21/2024
A-4020 Linz INVOICE PRINT 5/21/2024
FN 612539

    "type": "invoice",
    "company": "Industrie GmbH",
    "invoiceDate": "2024-05-21",
    "taxNumber": "ATU12345678",

Natural language in your software
in three easy steps:


Define schema


Upload document


Get data as JSON

No more tedious data entry!

Do your users have to input already digitalized data into forms of your software?
Not anymore! Text-to-JSON enables you to extract information from natural language. You just specify the format of the data, and we do the rest. Save your users time and hassle with Text-to-JSON!

How it works

Our software uses large language models to extract structured data from unstructured documents.

Submit Document


Upload a PDF, image, or text. Our image processing and OCR pipeline prepares your document for processing.

Specify Schema

Prompt optimization

We generate a prompt that is optimized for your selected language model.

Receive JSON

Combine language models

We offer a variety of large language models and allow you to combine them to get the best results.